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Thursday, October 2, 2014

7 Reasons Why Sweets was Good for 'Bones' (and Why We'll Miss Him)

Since Bones saw the demise of Dr. Lance Sweets in its season 10 premiere, we felt the need to hold our own little love fest in remembrance of all the good stuff that only his character could have (and did) provide for the Bones universe. Without Sweets, where would Brennan and Booth be today? I don't even want to think about it. 

The character of wunderkind FBI psychologist and profiler Dr. Lance Sweets inspired a great deal of humor, informed compassion, and emotional/psychological clarity in the Brennan-Booth relationship before his life ended, but his presence on Bones was a subject for great debate among those who follow the show religiously. Why? Because Sweets took precious screen time from the dynamic duo, especially in the later seasons as he began to train under Booth as a field agent. Bones is at its best when Brennan and Booth share the screen. The equation is simple: Booth + Brennan = Solid Gold -- so don't mess with it, right? Wrong. And was the sacrifice worth it? Indubitably. I present to you: seven reasons why Sweets was good for FOX's Bones and why we're going to miss the heck out of that guy...

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