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Monday, September 29, 2014

Meet Market Monday: Lance Sweets

Today’s edition of Meet Market Monday is a little different. While our original intent for this feature was to focus on some of our favorite female characters on the small screen, we also welcome the chance for equal opportunity gushing when the inspiration strikes us. Due to recent events in the fall TV season, we thought this would be a great time to branch out and showcase one of our favorite guys, too.
Name: Lance Sweets
Occupation: FBI psychologist/profiler/lounge pianist/babysitter
Show: Bones (FOX)
He’s a prodigy who is wise beyond his years, but also acts like a little boy when he’s around his friends. He’s a hotshot psychologist in the FBI, but struggled for years to gain respect from his peers because he was just so young. He’s got multiple doctorates and has studied among the best scientists in the world, but he’s not above rocking out to his favorite metal music or hanging out at karaoke bars to sing “Put Da Lime In Da Coconut” in his downtime. He’s a former foster kid who inexplicably became the baby duck of the biggest bunch of misfits in law enforcement. Most of all, he’s got one of the biggest hearts you could ever hope to meet, and remains steadfast to his friends right until the very end.
Meet Lance Sweets!...

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