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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Ask Ausiello: Feb 25 Spoi8oler on Walter Waite, Arastoo's Parents

Question: Now that we know NCIS will address the loss of Ralph Waite’s character, what’s the latest on Bones‘ plans to honor the late actor? —Jaime
Ausiello: As I hinted at in last week’s AA, there will be a tribute card at the end of the March 10 episode — the show’s first original outing since Waite’s passing. As far as it being addressed on-screen, I’m told the episodes for the remainder of the season have been broken, so any memorial to Hank will have to wait until Season 10.
Cam and Arastoo 
Question: Do you have anything juicy on the final stretch of this Bones season? —Rachel
Ausiello: Cam’s gonna meet the parents! The show is casting Arastoo’s very traditional, possibly judgmental mother and father, who are very eager to meet their prospective future daughter-in-law.

Source: TV Line
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