Thursday, January 2, 2014

Winter TV Spoiler-palooza! Your Scoop-Filled Guide to 31 Returning Favorites


Booth and Brennan settled into married life, Booth and Angela buried the hatchet and Cam's identity thief turned out to be her old college roommate Haley.

COMING UP NEXT | The successor to Pelant's throne of terror, The Ghost Killer, will be introduced in the first episode back… sorta. As exec producer Stephen Nathan explains, the evildoer in question "will not necessarily be personified" in the Jan. 10 episode. "We will know that he or she -- most probably a she -- exists," the EP adds, "but this is a very ephemeral villain." Speaking of frightening new foes, Squintern Wendell "is greeted with a pretty shocking health concern" -- one that he will be dealing with "for the rest of the season," says Nathan. And on a somewhat lighter note, Booth and Brennan will find themselves navigating some of the "crazy little practical things" that newlyweds and parents face. "What happens if something happens to one or both of them?" Nathan muses. "What is their financial situation? Are they pooling their money? All of the practical things that confront couples will be confronting Booth and Brennan."

RETURN DATE | Friday, Jan. 10 at 8/7c (Fox)

Source: TV Line

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