Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Ask Ausiello: December 17

Question: I’ll literally take anything you can tease that’s coming up on Bones. Pretty please? —Amelia
Ausiello: The show is adding a new male squintern to the rotation in 2014. “He’s someone who came to the country seeking asylum,” shares exec producer Stephen Nathan of the to-be-cast role. “He was a very, very prominent forensic anthropologist in his own country, but [in the U.S.] he’s a student because he has to get his degree again. He has to work his way up to a position that he already occupied for many years. He feels that he’s Brennan’s equal, but Brennan really doesn’t feel the same.” His country of origin? “He’s not from the Middle East,” Nathan allows. “He defected from this hemisphere. So that’s something that everyone should be able to narrow down.” (Sorry, I was terrible at geometry.)

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