Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Mega Buzz: November 19, 'Bones' Baddie

Anything else you can tell us about the new serial killer coming up on Bones? — Layla
As executive producer Stephen Nathan previously hinted, the new nemesis will be much more of a shadow-dweller than Pelant. "We will not know whether or not we are meeting the person when we see the episode," Nathan teases. However, Brennan will definitely be on the lookout. "[Pelant's warning] is in the back of Brennan's mind," Emily Deschanel says. "Where she has doubts is whether, when Pelant died, their hopes of solving those murders died with him. I think she fears it did." Pelant's words may not be the only thing haunting Brennan: Nathan teases we will see Pelant again in the flesh! Might Brennan be seeing ghosts again?

Source: TV Guide
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