Monday, October 7, 2013

Ask Matt: Cancellations, Renewals, etc. October 7th

Question: Is there a possibility that they will bring Zack back to help catch Pelant on Bones? I know that he is not as computer/hacker smart as Pelant, but he did escape the facilities that he is currently residing in so he must know some tricks. Also he probably isn't even in Pelant's sights to mess with. He has motive to help: Hodgins is his best friend and he got messed with and he admires and respects both Booth and Brennan. I just feel that he could have worked in the background to collect evidence to present to Booth and than help plan the take down. I miss Zack and I really enjoyed the episode where he escaped and helped crack a case. They could bring him back for a one or two episode arc. Not that I don't enjoy the rotating squinterns, I would just like to see him occasionally. And I'm tired of the Pelant plot. — Andrea
Matt Roush: Yes, the Zack fan base still lives. I don't know if he's coming back, and since this isn't a spoiler column, I wouldn't let on if he were (unless the show itself was unwise enough to let that cat out of the bag in advance). Personally, I'd doubt it, but you never know, and your wishful-thinking brainstorming makes as good an argument as any. But Zack is nowhere mentioned in the storyline for Monday's episode, which revisits the Pelant case again — and like you, I wish it were for the last time.

Source: TV Guide
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