Friday, September 6, 2013

Matt's Inside Line: September 5

Do you have any scoop on Bones? Some vague teases about the premiere, maybe? –Amelia
My middle name is Vague Teasers! (Don’t tell my mom; she thinks it’s her maiden name.) The premiere opens three months later, with Booth making a confession. You’ll then in short order glean that A) Booth really, really, really wants to kill Pelant, B) Brennan isn’t the only casualty of The Lie (wittle Christine misses her daddy, too!) and Freddie Prinze Jr. is all growed up. (I know, he was on 24 and all, but the boyishness seems to be all gone. He’s a man, baby.)

Please find out any piece of scoop you can about Season 3 of New Girl! –Kas
I’ll place this Q under the Bones one, for a reason. When Jess’ hellion of a sister turns up in early 2014, she will “add a depth charge in the fabric of the loft,” previews exec producer Brett Baer. There’s also a chance she’ll look a lot like Zooey Dechanel’s real-life sis, Emily. Not a great chance, mind you. But a chance nonetheless. “It’s an idea that is obviously right in front of us and it’s definitely something to explore,” concedes exec producer Dave Finkel. “But [Emily] has her own television show, so we’re not sure if it’s even a possibility.”

Source: TV Line
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