Monday, September 23, 2013

Interview with Hart Hanson & Stephen Nathan from Bones


Two of my favorite showrunners—heck, two of my favorite people in Hollywood—recently spoke to the press about this season of Bones. Hart Hanson & Stephen Nathan are really great at balancing giving us just enough to whet our appetites, but little enough to leave us wanting more. So check out what they had to say!

On when we’ll see Pelant again

Hart: Well, Pelant will definitely figure in their lives quite heavily in the first few episodes. We will see him again. We’ll see him in a way we haven’t before. It’ll be a far more intense episode and it’ll be them confronting him in a way we haven’t seen before. That’s probably vague enough.
Stephen: You know they’re going to get married, and they can’t really get married until the issue of Pelant has been dealt with one way or another.
We’re doing all that fairly quickly. We’re not teasing this out through the whole season.
Hart: We’ve strung along the audience for eight years. Season 9 we’re starting to resolve things, not everything because there will be a Season 10 through 14, but at this point, we will be moving things along.

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