Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Ask Ausiello: September 10

Question: I’ll take what I can get on Bones. Maybe something on Pelant’s demise? Or the undercover episode? —Amelia
Ausiello: Undercover episode it is! As we reported, the cheeky hour — airing Sept. 23 — finds Booth and Brennan going undercover as their infamous alters Tony and Rox. Their destination: A couples retreat. “There’s a sweat lodge, greasy outfits, a lot of velour, and a few ‘How you doin’s,’” previews David Boreanaz with a laugh. “It’s a really fun episode.”
Question: Does Bones‘ wedding episode have a title? —Jeremy
Ausiello: It does! [Crickets] Oh, you want me to tell you what the title is. I get how this works now. Booth and Brennan’s nups-themed installment is called, “The Woman in White.” Speaking of the Wedding of the Year, Boreanaz says it will feature the return of some “old faces” and a musical interlude by occasional guest star Cyndi Lauper. He also promises that sparks will fly. There will literally be flying sparks. I’M TALKING ABOUT A FIRE! “I do know something burns down, so that could be bad,” he cryptically teases. “And it’s not [Booth]‘s fault!”

Source: Ask Ausiello at TV Line
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