Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Mega Buzz: August 6

I'd love some Bones scoop. Do you have any idea when the wedding will actually happen? — Jessica
I can certainly tell you when it won't happen. "We're moving fast this year. We're not going to tease that out another entire season," creator Hart Hanson tells us. "I think people assume that it would be a season-ender, but we try not to live up to people's assumptions." But given the wounds that need to be healed, don't necessarily expect it to happen too soon. (November sounds likely.) In fact, when Brennan turns to her colleagues for advice about her relationship, a returning Daisy suggests that Brennan should move on. Fortunately, she doesn't listen to her. "These are two people who love each other," Hanson says. "At the end of the first episode, it's less divisive. There's hope."

Source: TV Guide
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