Friday, August 9, 2013

Inside TV: August 8

Did you get any fantastic Bones scoop from Stephen Nathan today? Do you have some tidbits you can share? — Cassidy
Here’s a juicy little nugget (of many, many more to come!): I hear that while Brennan is going to still be pretty heartbroken and betrayed when we return for the new season, Nathan teases, “Someplace, I believe Brennan has a sense that Pelant is behind this. We will see — it might be subliminal or might be subconscious — she is going to set something in motion that might wrap up this conflict and crisis for their relationship.” Leave it to the brilliant doc to be awesome even when she’s not trying.
Any info you can squeeze out of [Bones EP Stephen Nathan] for the big B&B wedding would be welcome! Will it be on location outside of D C.? – @DelectableDavid 
I can’t give you ALL of their secrets. (Also, he wouldn’t tell me.) But what Nathan did hint? That even the pair’s wedding day — which will land SOMEWHERE in the season — probably won’t go off without a hitch. “We’ve never done an episode where there’s not a murder,” he said, coyly.

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