Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Emily Deschanel Conference Call Tweets from @TVTango

says "You'll see how Pelant affects our lives."

says "As you'll see, Brennan is willing to go farther than she's ever gone to protect someone she loves."

: "Pelant's presence + targeting Booth + feeling Booth's mortality brings things to a forefront about relationship."

says "Pelant is scary. He's somebody who's brilliant -- maybe Brennan is a little smarter than him...hard to say."

says "They kind of don't have a moment to think about their lives + relationships" about Booth/Brennan dynamic

says "It forces her to look at her life, her relationships and feelings. Makes her question some core beliefs."

says "We may see multiple victims in this episode from Pelant. Feels more targeted at FBI than Jeffersonian."

says "Pelant always has a hidden agenda. There's a reason he's chosen victims. It not only affects Booth, but Sweets"

says "Pelant may be involving other people. It gets scary when he's possibly recruiting other people 2 do work 4 him"

: "There will be some closure, but the story continues into next season. Not to say we haven't captured. Never simple"

says "I find Pelant terrifying in his calm, steely way. You'd think his nerdiness would make him less scary."

says "I rank Pelant as #1. Hopefully, we keep building on them and make them scarier..if we have more serial killers"

says "My baby is pounding on the door right now," interrupting conf call with a light moment.

says "It would be great to have everybody back, and meet some extended family. Max is not in season finale."

says "Can you hear him screaming in the background? It kills me every day. It's hard" about balancing family + work.

says she keeps in touch with actor Loren Dean who played her brother Russ. Would like to have him back on show.

says "To Brennan, it seems like a weakness to be more emotionally open before, but can make her stronger."

says Brennan's self-awareness "definitely benefits their relationship. The fact she's even trying is a great thing."

Thanks for making sure I knew about the conference call, !
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