Monday, February 4, 2013

Ask Matt: February 4

Question: I love Bones, and I love most of the way the show is going except for one thing: Pelant. Every time his name comes up, I want to shut the TV off or throw something at it. How much longer before Pelant finally meets his end? (Which, odds are, would have to be death because in prison this guy would still be too dangerous — and too tempting for the writers to bring back.) — LT
Matt Roush: Can't tell you (and wouldn't if I knew) how long their nemesis will continue bedeviling them, but I'm betting the producers like the fact that this creep gets under fans' skin this deeply. Many procedurals like to create larger-than-life adversaries — a Moriarty, if you will — to keep the heroes on their toes, showing them to be less than perfect, and that not every bad guy gets put away within an hour of TV. Just roll with it.

Source: TV Guide
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