Monday, November 19, 2012

BONES: Stephen Nathan Teases Cam’s New Boyfriend, Pelant’s Return and More

When BONES executive producer Stephen Nathan previously teased this Monday’s upcoming episode of the Fox drama, he noted that the hour is “where we find out who Cam is with which will be a big, big surprise…and Brennan and the squints go up against someone whose entire life is devoted to eliminating evidence and theirs is discovering it, so it’s really spy versus spy.”

But Cam getting a new love interest is pretty serious business, so when I spoke with BONES star Tamara Taylor (Cam), I also prodded to see what she could share. And since her teases made me even more intrigued, I figured it couldn’t hurt to see what else could be teased.

So when I spoke with Nathan when BONES was honored at LA City Council, I wanted to see what adjectives he would use to describe Cam’s new man. Plus, I also inquired about when they’ll need to know about whether this will be the final season, and Pelant’s upcoming return.
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