Monday, October 29, 2012

Inside the Spoiler Room: October 29

Hope Hurricane Sandy doesn’t end up being that bad up north, Sandra! Anything you can tease me about Booth and Brennan, please? — Amelia
With an empty room (Parker’s) and a friend in need of a place to crash after having a devastating break up (Sweets), B&B are going to get themselves a new roomie!
Now that Sweets and Daisy are no longer together, what’s next for them? — Ed
See above. But a question that will arise during the Nov. 5 episode? How long with this new arrangement last, especially after Booth walks in on Sweets during a…moment of exposure. (Additionally, I think this might be a milestone for the Sweets character. Well, at least I think so. Help me jog my memory: Has he ever been seen on-screen wearing only a towel?)

Source:'s Inside the Spoiler Room
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