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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Inside TV's Spoiler Room: September 15

Your scoop on Bones last week was SO good it has me wishing Monday already. Anything else you can share? It’s fine if it is about an upcoming episode! — Amelia
The lovely Tamara Taylor gave us a nice little scooplet at the Fox Fall Eco-Casino Party this week – and it has an out-of-this-world twist! “In episode 5, a body washes up on shore in what appears to be a spacepod,” she teases. “We don’t know why or how.”
I can’t wait to see Booth and Brennan dancing on Bones. What can you tell me about that undercover episode? — Mary
Straight from executive producer Steven Nathan: When a dancing competition stops in town for a few days, the only way for the gang to figure out a murder is to get some people on the inside. “It allows us a lot of fun with them dancing – or trying to dance. One is a better dancer than the other. We won’t say which one,” he says.

Source: EW's Inside TV
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