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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Inside TV's Spoiler Room: August 11

Let’s review: The season premiere of Bones will focus on getting Brennan out of the majorly sticky situation that literally ran her out of town. Episode two will focus on a high-profile divorce attorney who turns up dead — and provides a nice little parallel as B&B struggle with their own relationship issues. (Though, promises EP Stephen Nathan “It’s not going to be about bitterness. We’re still going to love seeing them together.”) And in episode 3: BOOM! Bomber. Good so far? I certainly think so. And here’s the latest in-the-works Bones episode to get ramped up about: a nod to 2008′s Sunshine Cleaning…sorta.
“We have one murder that involves a crime scene clean up team,” reveals Nathan. And this never-before-seen-but-oh-so-important crew, he adds, are more dangerous than your average criminals. “They are one step ahead of our people and they know how to get rid of evidence.”
Bones duo Nathan and Hart Hanson have said since the summer that the upcoming season (starting Sept. 17) would deliver some of the best murder cases yet, and if this is any indication, keep ‘em coming! (In case you missed it: ‘Portlandia’ meets ‘Bones‘?)

Source: Inside TV at EW
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