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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

'Bones' Teasers: 5 Things You Need While Watching 'The Brother in the Basement'

There isn't much to joke about in "The Brother in the Basement." In fact, making light of he second half of the season 11 Bones premiere would go over like cracking jokes at a funeral. Not cool. "The Brother in the Basement" is an intense ride that changes, well, everyone's lives. At the end of the episode there still remain several mysteries, both personal and professional, that have yet to be resolved. Is it a satisfying Bones-y episode? You bet it is.

Where Bones is concerned, the beauty is always in the details, whether it be damage to a stapes, or the particular trajectory of a bullet going first through a bottle of perfume and then through the victim, or the way Booth looks longingly sideways at Brennan while putting his lips to a bootle of bear. So instead of our usual cryptic teases which would have to involve details, I have some advice about what you are going to need to have with you when you watch "The Brother in the Basement."...

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