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Monday, April 27, 2015

Extended Synopses: The Lost in the Found/The Verdict in the Victims

10.17 - The Lost in the Found

Sixteen-year-old prep school student Molly Delson is found dead, in a ditch in the Virginia Woodlands, her flesh mostly gone after having been dead for four days. One of the suspects is the man who found the body, who has a history of sleeping with underage girls. Her parents are also suspects, as fractures in the bones show signs of abuse that stopped at puberty. But the fractures could also point towards Molly having been overweight as a child, and her parents say she was an over-achiever who couldn't stand to disappoint anyone, and that she lost the weight as she entered her teen years through her own will power. Other suspects include the Headmistress of Molly's school, as well as some of her fellow students, two of whom are found rifling through Molly's possessions, and another with whom Molly had had a fight shortly before she died. But when they discover that Molly was bullied, and Brennan discovers similarities between her own teen years and the victim's, it leads the team to question whether or not Molly's death was, in fact, a murder.

Meanwhile, Daisy may have found a new romance.... but is she ready to begin dating again?

10.18 - The Verdict in the Victims

With only 48 hours before the execution of serial killer Alex Rockwell, Brennan is double-checking the facts in his case, as she does any time somebody is to be executed due to her work. Rockwell, for his part, is not only calmly facing his fate, he has declined to appeal, and even asked for the date of his execution to be moved up. But when Brennan sees new x-rays of Rockwell that were taken in prison, she declares that he couldn't have been the killer... shocking the rest of the team, given that Rockwell's trial had been a slam-dunk case that took less than a week. The judge doesn't find Brennan's newly-found suspicions to be conclusive, and so he refuses to grant a stay of execution. Now the Jeffersonian team must race against time to find the evidence they need that Rockwell was not responsible for those crimes.

Source: FOX
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