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Monday, March 30, 2015

Synopses: The Teacher in the Books & The Baker in the Bits

Episode 10.12 - The Teacher in the Books

When a body wearing a gold bracelet is discovered in the abandoned ruins of a closed chain bookstore, the Jeffersonian team investigate. The victim is a female in her early twenties. Ripped fingernails indicate a struggle, and Hodgins deduces from the presence of brown recluse spider webbing and eggs on the body that she's been dead for about seven days. A fractured coccyx shows the victim rode horses frequently in an English saddle. She is identified as Mia Ferrara, 22, an affluent school teacher who taught in an underperforming school district in a rough neighborhood. Caroline Julian takes a personal interest in seeing the case solved discreetly; she's on the board of United Teaching Fellows, the organization for which Mia taught, and worries that if word gets out that inner-city teaching is too dangerous, the program could suffer, and the underprivileged kids they serve will have to fight like she did to get a decent education. Suspects include Mia's not-so-wealthy musician boyfriend who reported her missing the previous Sunday, as well as the principal, fellow teachers, employees and students – and guardians of the students – at the school where she taught... and was much loved.

Meanwhile, Brennan’s publisher encourages her to join Twitter to help grow her fan base, and “squintern” Jessica Warren teaches Brennan some tricks to master the Twitter-verse, skills Brennan enthusiastically puts to use.

Episode 10.13 - The Baker in the Bits

A man is escaping from a pursuer... and stumbles onto a demolition site, where he is blown to bits. When his body is found in pieces, the Jeffersonian team discover that his ankles were bound, and a tattoo - which somebody was trying to cut out – confirms that he's an ex-con. The tattoo indicates that the victim was involved with a violent element in prison, though Booth, from his own experience in jail, warns Brennan not to pre-judge the man, who may have had to join a gang to survive. The investigation leads to a local bakery known for employing former felons. When Booth and Brennan learn that the victim originally went to jail for his involvement in a robbery gone bad, they begin targeting suspects from the ex-con's past. Suspects include his girlfriend who didn't report him missing in case he got in trouble with his parole officer, his boss and ex-con co-workers at the bakery, and the brother of a woman shot during the robbery. When Booth and Aubrey make a horrifying discovery, it leads to a break in the case.

Meanwhile, "squintern" Arastoo Vaziri must decide whether to return to Iran and risk arrest – and worse – to visit his dying brother, which causes friction between him and Cam.

Source: FOX
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