Bones Spoilers

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

‘Bones’ season 10 spoilers: Whose long-standing problem will be addressed?

When you look at Booth on the surface on “Bones,” you are going to see a man who is certainly sought-after by many. Just consider the variables here for a minute: He’s extremely successful, loyal, attractive, and also determined to get the job done at all costs.
Of course, there are often problems that exist underneath the surface for such characters, and for David Boreanaz’s crime-fighter, gambling is one of the big ones. While he may make a decent living, it doesn’t seem like that if you run the risk of losing it on a semi-regular basis. Executive producer Stephen Nathan tells TVLine that at some point in the upcoming eleven episodes of the series, this is an issue that will be confronted as Booth starts to figure out just what it is that he values in his life above all else...

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