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Monday, December 8, 2014

[Photo] 'Bones' 200th Episode Infographic: Have You Found All the Easter Eggs?

How many times has Special Agent Booth saved Dr. Temperance Brennan's life? How many times did the two have drinks together before they finally had their first real kiss? How many kisses have they shared since Christine was born? 

These are just some of the intriguing quantitative nuggets the Bones fairies (my affectionate name for all the geniuses behind the scenes and on our screens who make Bones the magical magnificence we've all come to know and love) wanted definitively calculated as they headed into their tenth season and toward the comedy-drama-crime-science-romance's 200th episode airing December 11. The next important question they faced was how in the world they were going to amass all that minutia in the brief and sporadic moments they had between writing, directing, editing, staging, crafting, creating and promoting the nine episodes scheduled to air between the fall premiere and the 200th in December?...

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