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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

(Scan) Bones in September 22-28 TV Guide

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IT WAS TOO good to be true: A promotion for FBI Special Agent Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz) that would take him, with wife/partner Dr. Temperance Brennan (Emily Deschanel), and daughter Christine to the FBI's Berlin office. But that plan was thwarted in the season ender, when Booth was taken into FBI custody, the victim of an apparently years-in-the-making frame-up. Season 10- picks up three months after Booth's arrest, with Brennan and the team desperately trying to clear his name. Boreanaz and Deschanel give us the scoop on what's next for the arresting drama - Oriana Schwindt
Booth's loyalty has always been one of his defining traits and he's dedicated his life to the FBI. What does this turn of events do to him, emotionally?
Boreanaz: He's really questioning his own beliefs now. In the first couple episodes of the season, you'll see him revolt and be trapped in his own anger. And it will take Brennan to knock him out of it.
Deschanel: To beat you up.
Boreanaz: Literally beat me up. It was a rough couple of episodes.
How is Brennan coping?
Deschanel: It's hard. She's been raising their child on her own for several months. Booth has lost his faith and that affects Brennan, too. Plus, they don't necessarily agree on how to get him out of prison.
We don't know much about the architects of this conspiracy, but where in the pantheon of Bones villains would you rank them?

Deschanel: Well, this certainly involves more people than any other case we've seen. it's many people over many, many years. Serial killers might seem like pure evil, but this conspiracy and the people behind it have done more damage, ruined more lives. It's very complex.
Boreanaz: There's a history to this conspiracy that makes it more powerful and more destructive. I'd put these guys at the top.
You have been doing the show for nearly 10 years now. What are some of your favorite moments?
Boreanaz: The [Season 4] London episode with the London Bridge going up an me flubbing my line. The bridge only goes up, like, once a day. [Laughs] It was classic.
Deschanel: I'm thinking of the scene [in Season 8] where Brennan proposes to Booth. David directed that episode, and before the scene he took me aside and we had this private moment, like, "This is how far we've come."

[Quote on the photo: "I'm so proud of what we've done these 10 seasons," says Boreanaz (with Deschanel).]
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