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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Mega Buzz: August 19

Anything juicy on Bones that isn't related to Booth being in jail? — Maggie
Although springing Booth from the pokey will take up most of the oxygen in the room in the premiere, executive producer Stephen Nathan is looking forward to introducing a new character in the FBI (played by 24's John Boyd) to challenge Booth on the outside. "He will alter how Booth does his job, and Booth and Sweets will confront him," Nathan teases. Elsewhere, look for lovebirds Cam and Arastoo, who last season met Arastoo's parents, to check off some new milestones. "They will hit those challenges that every relationship hits as they get closer and closer," Nathan says. Hmm, could this be related to all the baby talk coming out of Comic-Con?

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