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Monday, August 4, 2014

A Fellow Bones Fan Needs Encouragement!

Hi, everyone! I know you're all here for Bones news, but how about we take a moment to encourage a fellow fan. :)

This is Katy.

She's a fellow fan from Germany. You may also know her as Angelbella27 on Twitter. For the past several weeks, she's been recovering from a traumatic brain injury. She miraculously survived. Many fans were praying for her and sending good vibes her way. She is now recovering in a rehab facility in Austria.

  (on Twitter) has been sending me, and others, updates about her health. Katy nearly died several times over the past few weeks.

She feels very down, very sad, as she's adjusting to how her body now functions. I thought that it would be really wonderful if we could all send her our good wishes. It will only take a few minutes to be able to encourage another Bones fan!

If you would like to send Katy a tweet, wishing her well and encouraging her, please tweet   and please @ Angelbella27 as well. Ferrerosa (Anna Rosa) will get that message to her!!! Let's do this!!!
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