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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

'Bones' Showrunners Talk Endgames, Fatigue, Spinoffs and a Potential 'Reinvention'

Bones hits episode No. 183 this Monday. And the veteran procedural, already renewed for a tenth season, approaches the end of this run in a similar scenario as last year: looking at what might be the series' final season.
Fox's oldest drama, and one of its steadiest ratings performers despite frequent time slot moves, Bones won't be something the network lets go of easily. Entertainment chief Kevin Reilly has called a 2014 conclusion "likely," but executive producers and showrunners Hart Hanson and Stephen Nathan say that conversation is still a ways off. What they do seem sure of is that their intended ending for the series will likely come at the end of year 10 -- be it a season or series finale.

The duo recently chatted with The Hollywood Reporter about their evolving relationship with broadcast television, Hanson's work on new series Backstrom, what sort of circumstances they'd need to attempt to launch another spinoff and their constant internal struggles over when they should call it a day...

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