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Saturday, January 18, 2014

TVLine: Performer of the Week, Emily Deschanel Honorable Mention for 'Big' Episode

HONORABLE MENTION | Wow. Hours later there is still much dust in the air as we reflect on this week’s Bones, in which Emily Deschanel‘s Brennan discovered — and then had to relay the devastating news — that squintern Wendell Bray had Ewing’s sarcoma, a bone cancer that offers as low as a 10 percent survival rate. Over the course of several scenes (including Brennan confiding her grim discovery to Booth, the two of them informing Wendell and a warm moment between the three at the house), Deschanel displayed an atypically emotional Brennan, to the point that the brilliant doc was barely able to disclose the diagnosis to her colleague. Perhaps the most heartbreaking note in her performance: Later in the lab, an informed Wendell laments, “We were becoming a good team, weren’t we?” To which Brennen corrected, after a beat, “We are…. We are a good team, Mr. Bray.”

Source: TV Line
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