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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Ratings and Reviews: Big in the Philippines

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1. The Examiner

2. Give Me My Remote

3. Cartermatt, Boreanaz directs a winner

4. Zap2It, trying to kill off another intern?

5. Buddy TV, bad news

6.  Celebrity Laundry

7. Screen Rant, paradise lost

8. Paul Levinson, Bones meets Nashville and Wendell

9.  TV Fanatic, dance to the music that's playing

10. ScreenSpy

11. Lunatic Worlds, fan review

12. TV Over Mind, Bones at the top of its game


1. TV By the Numbers, meets last week's ratings

2. TV Line, 6.8 million

3.  TV Watch U.S., 1.5 in 18-49 rating, steady from last week

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