Bones Spoilers

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Five things we want from the final season of 'Bones'

5. Bring back Zach! (And other characters): When the season 3 finale revealed Dr. Zach Addy (Eric Millegan) as Gormogon’s apprentice, it disappointed many fans. It’s time the writers brought him back (although he has since appeared in three episodes) and set it right. In season 4, we learn Zach didn’t actually kill the lobbyist — the crime for which he’s been committed to a mental asylum. They could easily let him out now.
While we’re at it, we’d love to see Brennan’s father Max (Ryan O’Neal) and brother Russ (Loren Dean) in season 10. Plus, what happened to Dr. Goodman (Jonathan Adams)? He went on a “sabbatical” and was never heard from again. A little closure for the director of the Jeffersonian would be nice.

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