Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Inside the Spoiler Room: October 14

Here comes the forensic anthropologist, all dressed in…well, you know the song. It’s time for a Bones wedding, guys! And after getting a chance to see an early cut of the long-awaited Oct. 21 episode, I can tell you it’s worth the wait. But don’t believe me. Believe David Boreanaz, who chatted up the episode when talking to Mandi Bierly last week and called the hour a tribute to the fans. “I wasn’t happy with the first draft of the vows,” he reveals. “I just wanted to have [it be] sort of a history lesson as to why they were getting married, how they were getting marred, why they did it and give back to the fans what they’ve been waiting for a long time.” The end result more than accomplishes that; I promise. I may have cried.
Something that might help you dry your tears, though: a peek at what comes after the nuptials! “Our honeymoon is hilarious,” says Boreanaz. “We go to Argentina…Booth just wants to kick back and have a beer and Brennan can’t do that. She doesn’t know how to relax.” What Brennan does know how to do is find a case, which is exactly what she does when the pair make an oddly-timed stop a morgue. “[Booth] wanted to go to the waterfall pools, but she says there’s fecal matter there so that didn’t happen,” he says. “She takes me to a morgue! A MORGUE! Where’s the fun in that? So [he's], like, in [his] tourist clothes, and there’s a murder and bones don’t connect. And then there we are — solving a crime in Argentina when I should be toes up and cold one.”
I. Can. Not. Wait.  (More from Boreanaz here, in case you missed it!)

Source: Inside TV at EW.com
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