Thursday, October 24, 2013

BONES: Karine Rosenthal on Writing the Booth and Brennan Wedding Episode, ‘The Woman in White’

BONES’ Booth and Brennan are now officially married!
It took 172 episodes, years of banter, a few other love interests, more disgusting bodies than any human should ever recall — and a last-minute fire to the church and case to solve — but Booth and Brennan swapped vows in Monday night’s episode, “The Woman in White.”
The hour was a big one for the series, and to make sure it was given its proper due, they brought back former BONES writer/producer, Karine Rosenthal (who was with the show from 2006 until 2012), to pen the long-awaited nuptials.
It’s no secret I absolutely adored the hour, and Rosenthal was gracious enough to hop on the phone to chat about returning to the series, what she did to prep for the episode, what didn’t make the cut, and more…

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