Monday, September 23, 2013

Videos and Photos: Emily Deschanel at the Emmys, Presenting

1. Photos at Zimbio

2. Wedding Bells on the Set of Bones? Video at Fox News

3. Emily Deschnel Talks Season 9 Wedding - Video, Article at TV Line:


5. Photos: Just Jared

6. Photos - Tempt Talia

7. Zooey and Emily presenting together

8. Article: Emily Deschanel goes Vegan... at In Style

9.  More Photos: Emily and Zooey at Zimbio

10. People's Choice Tweet: Which look do you like better? Twitter


12.  Article: 2013 Emmys Awards Show, Best and Worst Memories

13. Article: Emily and Zooey Match Their Baby Blues to Glacial Gowns, Daily Mail UK

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