Thursday, September 12, 2013

EOnline Spoiler Chat: September 12

Natalie: Give me anything and everything you've got on the Bones wedding!We'll ignore the fact that you forgot to say please and give you the scoop anyways. Why? Because we're classy freakin' ladies, that's why! We recently chatted with the so-handsome-it-hurts David Boreanaz and he says the Bones wedding will definitely meet fans' expectations. "We shot some scenes today with Parker and he's going to be back and I know that all the fans are going to be excited about that. Hank Booth is back and we did a funny scene today with chili and eggs and tuxedoes being stained and stuff like that." The actor continues, "It's going to be exciting. I do know that things are going to burn down and Cyndi Lauper is going to be there and it's going to be a fun time."

Source: EOnline
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