Monday, September 16, 2013

‘Bones’ T.J. Thyne Says The Season 9 Premiere Episode Will “Shock Everyone”

T.J. Thyne is best known for his portrayal of Dr. Jack Hodgins, or just “Hodgins,” on Fox’s hit show, Bones. As the show heads into it’s ninth season, Thyne said there is no place he would rather be then on set with his cast mates. While on set, Thyne took some times out to speak to us about how far Hodgins has come and what viewers could expect this season.

Q: Can you talk to me about where we have left off at the end of Season eight?
Thyne: It’s been crazy for many reason for all of the story lines that have been going on, but we adopting this new type of shooting schedule where we will put two, three, or four episodes in the can before we finished the season. I am calling you from set, we actually just wrapped a scene. I am sitting in the lab right now…I know we ended with Booth and Brennan not being together and that bastard Pelant...

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