Wednesday, September 18, 2013

‘Bones’ Michaela Conlin Bones Talks Season 9 and Booth and Brennans Wedding Plans

Although Michaela Conlin has made appearances on broadway and various television shows, she is best known for her portrayal of Angela Montenegro on the hit fox series, Bones. Taking time out of her crazy shooting schedule, Collins sat down to discuss what is coming up on season nine of Bones and hinted to some possible spoilers a lot of fans have been waiting for.
Q: I wanted to start by discussing some scenes from previous seasons. For starters, I spoke with T.J. [Thyne] and I wanted to get your perspective. You both have this amazing ability to not only play the more likable, lovable couple but you are able to bring in the emotion and the heart to some more serious moments. How do you balance that?
Collin: That has always been a great thing about the show, that there is a tone that kind of walks this line of being very dark, intense and also very light at the same time. There are definetly points where it’s challenging as an actor because it changes so quickly. We will be talking about a murder and then we will be talking about Angela’s sex life or something. It is very delicate. For me it’s really just communicating honestly, as honestly as possible…

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