Friday, July 19, 2013

The Great Big Comic Con 2013 Post

1. Pro Pics: SciFiVision
 2. Pro Pictures at Biba79's Livejournal (please COMMENT if you snag for courtesy's sake. She pays money to buy the pictures and put them up for us to enjoy.)
*3. Pro Pictures have been added to the Bones Comic Con 2013 Bones Facebook Page Photo Album
*4. Emily and David
*5. Pro Pics: EW Photo Gallery, picture of Emily and David
*6. Spoiler TV Pictures
*7. DB Yacht Picture by TV Guide
**8. Instagram Photo of Emily signing a fan's photo
****9. BONES at Comic-Con: Check Out Some Photos From the Panel

1. Tumblr video of Emily thanking fans (link, via Instagram?)
2. Instagram video of David thanking fans (link)
3. Video: Bones Exclusive: David Boreanaz Promises a Radically Different Booth in Season 9, Teases a Blast from the Past 'That May Hurt Him' at TV Line
4. Fox5 Interview of David Boreanaz (Youtube link)
5. EW Photoshoot from vineco
6. REGION FREE Comic Con Video Sneak Peek of S9 at Spoiler TV
7. ** BONES at Comic-Con: Watch David Boreanaz Propose to Emily Deschanel (In Character!)**
8. Emily and David switch roles: Part 1 and Part 2
9. David signing autographs
10. YouTube/ Official SDCC Video of David Proposing
*11. Fan's video of the panel
*12. Comic Con Press Room: Bones David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel
*13. Comic Con Panel Highlights
**14. FULL PANEL VIDEO at GeekNation
**15. Emily Deschanel - Bones Season 9 TV Fanatic Interview on YouTube
**16. Comic Con Panel: Table Read
***17. Comic Con 2013 Interview: Emily Deschanel (Zap2It)
***18. Comic Con 2013 Interview: 'Bones' Producers Hart Hanson and Ian Toynton on Season 9
***19. BONES: Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz Talk Booth and Brennan's Tension in Season 9 
****20. Bones Producers Tease Season 9, Priestly Debut, A Very "Slippery" Pelant 
****21. David Boreanaz, Bones Day 1 
*****22. ET Interview, Bones Stars Talk Romantic Tension in New Season
1. Bones Live Blog from GMMR of the SDCC Panel
2. Bones @ Comic-Con: Booth and Brennan Are Heading for a Wedding! Plus: Time-Jump Details
3. David Boreanaz mocks Nathan Fillion during 'Bones' Comic-Con panel
4. 'Bones' at Comic-Con 2013: David Boreanaz proposes to Emily Deschanel
5.  INSIDE TV Comic-Con 2013 'Bones' at Comic-Con: Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz say Booth and Brennan have grown apart
*6. Bones at Comic-Con: David Boreanaz, Emily Deschanel and Producers Tease Season 9
*7. Comic-Con: 'Bones' Creator Promises Wedding in Season 9
*8. BONES SDCC Panel: CAMPANAS DE BODA PARA BOOTH Y BRENNAN. Ademas, tenemos nueva cuenta de Pinterest via mariagalician
*9. Live Coverage: Bones at Comic Con panel blog
*10. Comic Con Quickie: David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel Dish on the Hardships ahead for Booth and Brennan During BONES Season 9
*11. BONES: Hart Hanson and Ian Toynton on Brennan’s Heartbreak, Pelant’s Furture, and More
*12. Inside Ballroom 20: Bones and Korra
*13. Comic Con 2013: Bones Wedding is a Sure Thing
*14. Bones: Get Me to the Grave on Time!
**15. Bones Boss on Season 9: Booth and Brennan "Will Get Married This Season"

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