Thursday, July 25, 2013

French Magazine Interview with Emily Deschanel

Emily Deschanel And The Secrets of Bones
Before the eighth season premiere on M6, the star of the American series sat down with TV Magazine on set in Los Angeles. 
In Century City, a residential neighbourhood of Los Angeles, Fox Studios are an impressive reminder that Hollywood is never very far away. The mid-April springtime warmth is nothing but a memory once you enter Studio 6. Stepping onto the set of the Jeffersonian Institution, you could almost believe you’ve walked into a freezer. (To compensate for the heat given off by the spotlights, the air conditioning is cranked at full blast.) It’s so cold that in between scenes, Emily Deschanel sports a parka. For eight years now, she has been lending her icy beauty to her alter ego, forensic anthropologist Brennan on Bones. Just before she wrapped up shooting the eighth season (airing this week on M6), the actress welcomed us on set... (CLICK HERE TO KEEP READING THE TRANSLATED ARTICLE AT IMNOTNORMALIMEXTRAORDINARY.TUMBLR.COM)

Original Article: TVMag
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