Monday, May 20, 2013

Ask Matt: May 20

Question: I'm worried! Is Bones — now that it has been assigned to "the Friday graveyard" — on its way out? After this great run, I'd hate to see it sliding downhill towards oblivion. I'd much rather it go out in a shortened season of resolutions (and get the Hodgins money back!) than slowly decomposing. — Connie
Matt Roush: Nice metaphors! But fear not, at least not yet. I've lost count of how many times Fox has released a provisional schedule at this time of year that threatens to move Bones to Fridays in first-run at midseason (or in this case, late fall to make way for Almost Human on Mondays after post-season baseball). Given that Bones is a known quantity and delivers a steady audience, the likelihood of this actually happening is 50/50 at best. Possibly/probably less. These early schedules never take into account the possibility of failure in the fall line-up, and given that the very risky-sounding Sleepy Hollow will be airing alongside Bones when the season starts, there's a bit of hubris in suggesting that Hollow will stay on Monday while Bones is banished to Fridays. Let's not worry about this until/unless it happens, and even then, Bones will remain useful as a utility player as long as the network and studio feel it makes financial sense. But Bones is heading into its ninth season, so at some point soon the powers that be will likely need to start thinking about an end game. Though not quite yet.

Source: TV Guide
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