Wednesday, April 24, 2013

TV Guide: Scoops on 39 Season Enders

Bones (Fox)
Monday, April 29 at 8/7c

Pelant (guest star Andrew Leeds) is back, and this time he's got an accomplice: religious cult member Zane Reynolds (guest star Beau Knapp), who has a bone (heh) to pick with the FBI — or more specifically, Booth. "There is a connection to Booth's past," executive producer Stephen Nathan says about the case in the finale. "We find out about some of his work at the FBI that we didn't know about. And it appears as if the victims have a close connection to Booth." As Booth is targeted, Brennan is forced to reevaluate the couple's relationship. "The notion of marriage is again brought up in the finale," Nathan teases. "If you thought the pot was stirred [this season], the pot ... overflows and messes up the kitchen floor in the season finale."

Source: TV Guide
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