Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Mega Buzz: April 23

One last plea for Bones finale scoop! Will Brennan or Booth's life be in danger? — Emily
Well, any time Pelant's involved, somebody is in danger. But while Booth seems to be the killer's primary target, you'd better also keep your eye on Sweets. However, as Emily Deschanel previously told us, Brennan's fear for Booth's life is of key importance in the finale. Could it be just the thing that finally pushes Brennan to pop the question? "That subject definitely comes up and Brennan may be open to things she wasn't open to in the past," Deschanel teases. "Brennan has come a long way in how she views Booth and how she views marriage. She definitely takes some action in regards to her future with Booth."

Source: TV Guide
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