Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Ask Ausiello: April 30

Question: After Monday’s Bones finale, can you divert our attention for a bit and tell us a bit more about Bones‘ Season 9 episode “El Carnicero en el Coche” that the cast and crew are shooting right now? From a pic that David Boreanaz tweeted, it appears that Sweets might have quit his job. —Rex
Ausiello: It’s the second episode of Season 9 and, yes, it revolves around Sweets’ new gig. As exec producer Stephen Nathan reveals, the events of the season finale will drive the Jeffersonian’s resident shrink out the door. “He has some leave coming from the FBI, and considering all the stress and guilt he feels after Pelant’s [latest killing spree], he decides to take his leave and explore another opportunity,” Nathan previews. “We’re going to see in Sweets that crime-fighting isn’t the only thing he’s focused on. We’re going to open up his life a little more.” Nathan, however, stresses that the leave is only a temporary one, adding, “He’s going to be around. He’s just going to explore his character a little bit more.”

Source: TV Line
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