Monday, January 28, 2013

What do BONES, NCIS and CHUCK Have In Common? Vik Sahay Talks Working on All Three Amazing Shows

When a beloved television show ends, one of the burning questions that remains is: When will you see your favorite stars again?  In the case of Vik Sahay, that is tonight.  In tonight’s episode of BONES, “The Twist in the Plot, Vik guest-stars as a business partner of the murder victim.  In a recent exclusive interview Vik shared what it was like working on BONES and an upcoming episode of NCIS, as well as his new comedy series SATISFACTION.  He also gave a fun shout-out to CHUCK and his glory days as one-half of the musical group known as Jeffster!

What’s the story about how you came to work on tonight’s episode of BONES?
VIK:  I shot BONES in the Fall after sort of taking the Summer off.  It was just such a refreshing way to step back on set.  I play a green entrepreneur in the funeral business in a very New Age kind of way and I obviously run into some kind of trouble, which is as specific as I’ll get for now. (Laughs) I love the tone of the show — the quips and their banters. It is very tongue-in-cheek, and it was a blast working with them.  It was the right feel getting back onto set after taking some months off.

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