Thursday, January 31, 2013

Matt's Inside Line: January 31

Did you get any more interesting Booth and Brennan teases/spoilers at the Fox TCA party? –Elena
You could say this one Bones tease will have B&B in a… lather. “In one of the upcoming episodes, a body is found in soap! A big thing of soap,” Emily Deschanel shared. “The body decomposes and the fat, combined with other things, becomes soap.” Oh, and here’s the latest scoop on a new guy who will ‘rouse Brennan’s interests… in a way. New squintern Oliver Wells (played by Brian Klugman) arrives on the scene just a few credits shy of obtaining his fifth degree, and as such, “He actually makes Brennan nervous — he’s that smart,” Tamara Taylor told me. “And I think he’ll be around for a while, because he’s very fun.”

Source: TV Line
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