Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Mega Buzz: November 13

Please! Any Bones scoop on Booth and Brennan? — Katia, via Twitter
You might have heard that Booth reveals a big secret in the upcoming ballroom dance episode. (Apparently Twinkle Toes Seeley used to teach dance!) But that's not the only tidbit he's been hiding from Brennan and the rest of the gang. "He has a very big secret, which reveals a lot about who Booth is," creator Hart Hanson teases. Athough Hanson chose his words carefully, he did admit that, despite the show's plans to introduce Booth's mom later this year, the secret isn't related to that aspect of his personal life. "This is something between him and God," Hanson says. "And everyone gets worried about him." What's your theory?

Source: TV Guide
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