Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Ask Ausiello: November 13

Question: We need more info on the Bones episode “The Twist in the Plot,” because I don’t think we have heard much about it. What can you tell us? —Ed
Ausiello: Sweets and Daisy run in to each other for the first time since their sudden split last month. “He will be facing his breakup with her,” confirms exec producer Stephen Nathan, “and dealing with whether he made a mistake or not.” (What’s the consensus — did he?) In other news, file this next scoop under B for Burying the Lede: The pesky marriage issue hanging over Booth and Brennan likely won’t come to a head until Season 9. “Since we don’t plan on this being our last season, it probably won’t be resolved [by May],” Nathan reveals. “Although it will [come up] again toward the end of the season.” Read More at:

Source: TV Line
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