Sunday, April 22, 2012

That Button's No Mistake!

Hello, Bones fans! I think this is the first personal post I've made in a verrrrry long time on this site. I've had so much fun posting and writing for this blog. Bones fans are truly the BEST fans EVER. There's no mistaking that fact! Anyway, as you'll notice, to your right on this blog is a button that says WALK NOW FOR AUTISM SPEAKS. In September, I'll be walking for Autism Speaks in the Seattle area (and if you're nice, I'll post a picture of me on the walk... preferably BEFORE the walk, lest I look sweaty and gross and you think I never shower, which is honestly rather difficult with a 5 month old and a 5 year old, but now we're getting off topic)! Long story short, I'll be walking for Autism Speaks and raising money for research. My own nephew has low-functioning autism. At the age of 16 (and I can bet there are a few 16 year olds reading this now), he wears diapers and he can say, "Hi" and "Mom" and "No". There might be another word here or there, I'm not sure. He's considered non-verbal, however. He communicates by pointing at pictures on his talking box when he's at school. When he's really upset (usually by being in an unusual situation, not having things happen predictably or by things being too loud or chaotic), he'll bite his hands, hit his head and/or scream. Such behaviors are common for autistic children. As you all know, Brennan and Zack have been theorized as having Asperger's (which is also known as high functioning autism). Their autistic behaviors include social aloofness (sometimes autistic kids have a hard time recognizing emotion or having eye-contact with peers) and high intelligence (which isn't common with people with autism, although sometimes it's true with those who have high functioning autism). There is no cure for autism at the moment, just therapies and some drugs to manage symptoms. Some researchers believe a combination of three genes are the cause of autism. Some believe a combination of hundreds are the cause. The combination is what makes it tricky to pinpoint. Research is coming along, however! Especially thanks to people who raise money and walk for autism.

So... the button to your right is no mistake. It's a button to my personal fundraiser page. If you choose to support me in my walk (which I'm really pumped about!!!), thank you! If not, just wish me well and keep watching Bones (that makes me happy, too!!!). Also, please, if you are under the age of 18, do not donate without permission from an adult! :) Thanks!
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