Saturday, April 28, 2012

Interesting Tweets

David Boreanaz: Done. That's a series wrap for me folks! #Bones

Hart Hanson: @David_Boreanaz Thanks a million. I may have to sleep behind the gates of the lot tonight.

Hart Hanson: The thing you have to ask yourself is if @David_Boreanaz means as an actor, a director, or if he's simply lobbin a grenade. Who knows?

Via @CameronDeFaria: So excited to have been able to work on @BONESonFOX! (Attached Photo:)

Cyndi Lauper @shebop_aka_cyn - Heart Hanson and Avalon from Bones! Xxx (Attached Photo:)

Ian Toynton (@it2Ian) Taking a picture of the last shot in the Season 7 finale. #Bones. (Attached Photo:)

David_Boreanaz: Setting the last shot for season finale. @HartHanson @squarechicken @it2Ian it’s going to be a big shocker. #Bones

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