Friday, February 26, 2010

The Witch in the Wardrobe Summary

I'll now be posting summaries of sides on the blog. Unfortunately Spoiler TV will no longer be posting sides, either because they were apparently contacted by the same people as I was. Please don't ask me where to find sides. I will not answer you. You must find those places for yourself. Ask around cyberspace. Use Google.

In the Witch in the Wardrobe, Booth and Brennan are investigating the death of a Wiccan witch known as Zephyra who was stabbed, bat bones were shoved down her throat, then she was put into a wardrobe where she was discovered by firefighters. They interview Willow and Ember, a pair who are found with a burnt effigy in the woods, which apparently represents the reunification of Zephyra's body with the elements. The pair claim that Zephyra wasn't a part of their coven, hardly even a Wiccan at all. Z. used magic for profit and wielded malignant forces. Apparently Z.'s clients employed her to do evil. Sweets is able to contribute to the case because his first published work was based on the Salem Witch Trials.

Meanwhile, Angela and Hodgins, when coming back from the crime scene, are pulled over by a very strict police officer who was also at the crime scene. Officer Abrams always follows the letter of the law. When Hodgins jokes that he was drinking alcohol (which he wasn't), the officer takes both Angela and him in. Angela is kept because the officer found an outstanding bench warrant and Hodgins is kept because he evaded arrest during a protest years before. Angela and Hodgins are finally forced to sit together and talk. Hodgins admits that the biggest regret of his life was that he didn't stop Angela. He said that he panicked when he thought it wouldn't be possible to sustain that kind of happiness. Angela admits that it was like they were playing chicken and they both swerved, but they should've run into one another. Angela kisses Hodgins. "Now that's a kiss. In fact, they start removing clothing when--" they are interrupted by the sheriff and the judge who set them free.
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