Bones Spoilers

Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Bond in the Boot Casting Call

[LENA BRODSKY] Female, 20s to 40s, attractive, RUSSIAN / EASTERN EUROPEAN. When Dr. Brennan and Agent Booth first meet LENA, she explains that she hired Yuri Antanov as a courier for her diamond company. She says Antanov was supposed to be carrying a briefcase holding $2 million worth of gems from Siberia into the United States for some of her clients. Instead he was killed by CIA analyst Greg Dorit who in turn took the briefcase of diamonds and hid it. As it turns out Miss BRODSKY is actually responsible for the torture and murder of Dorit, whom she’d hoped would give her information regarding the whereabouts of the aforementioned briefcase – which held something far more dangerous to U.S. national security than diamonds sptv050769 … GUEST STAR.

Source: SpoilerTV
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